Friday 13 December 2013

Learn how to unit test your databases from the comfort of your desk!

Following on from my previous posts on tSQLt, I've recorded a training course for Pluralsight which goes through how to use tSQLt and SQL Test to unit test your databases, to give you confidence in your database code.

I've used SQL 2012 Developer Edition for the course, but tSQLt will work with any version of SQL from 2005 SP2 upwards, and you don't need to purchase SQL Test to follow along.

Pluralsight offer a 10 day free trial of their service, so you can try before you buy.

My three hour course takes you through why you would want to unit test, and introduces the tools we will use. I then show you how to write your first unit test, before going into more detail on how to isolate dependencies, and the variety of things to test for. We look at how to unit test in your day to day workflow, before looking at some more advanced topics, like using unit tests to enforce development standards.

The course assumes you are familiar with T-SQL code and stored procedures, but have not used tSQLt before, so it should be of interest to those new to the concept of database unit testing as well as those who have dabbled with tSQLt or SQL Test.

To see the course, or the detailed list of content, click here.

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